Can I Put My Vape in Water to Kill it? Examining the Dangers and Impacts

can i put my vape in water to kill it

Vaping has become a routine aspect of many people’s lives as a replacement for traditional smoking. But mishaps do occur, and a common question is “Can I put my vape in water to kill it?” and the answer is ‘no’. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the waterproof capabilities of vaping devices and explore the consequences and risks associated with submerging your vape in water. We’ll also discuss the significance of maintaining a dry vape to guarantee optimal performance. 

Understanding Waterproof Capabilities: Unveiling the Truth

The initial inquiry to the question of ‘can I put my vape in water to kill it?’ when contemplating the influence of water on vapes, whether these gadgets come equipped with waterproof features. It’s important to note that although specific vaporizers are crafted to endure water submersion more effectively than others, not all of them boast complete waterproof capabilities. 

The majority of vapes, at best, exhibit a certain level of water resistance. This implies that they can withstand minimal contact with water, such as unintended splashes or drizzles, but submerging them in water presents an entirely distinct scenario.

Waterproof Vape

Water exposure poses a threat to a vape’s internal components, including the atomizer, circuitry, and battery. Even a small ingress of water into these sensitive areas can lead to issues or, in severe cases, result in the device’s complete malfunction.

Risks and Effects: What Happens When a Vape Meets Water?

A vape that comes into contact with water runs the risk of developing various issues. The amount of water contact and the device’s design determine how severe the impact will be. The following are some typical dangers that come with submerging a vape in water:

  • Malfunctioning Electronics: Being aware of these risks emphasises how crucial it is to use caution and take preventative steps to keep vapes dry. Even though mishaps can occur, using your vaporizer carefully can greatly lower the risk of water-related incidents.
  • Battery Damage: Batteries and water combine to be dangerous. Water seeping into the battery compartment may cause an explosion, thermal runaway, or short circuit. Although most modern vapes have safety features to reduce these risks, it’s still a concern.
  • Atomizer Issues: Water exposure can cause damage to the atomizer, which is the part that heats and vaporises e-liquid. Water penetration into the atomizer could ruin the vaping experience altogether by changing the heating method and e-liquid concentration.
can i put my vape in water to kill it

Water can cause damage to the Atomizer

  • Corrosion: Metal is a material that is frequently used for internal vape components, but it corrodes readily in moist conditions. Corrosion can damage connections, lowering the device’s useful life and lifespan.
  • Voided Warranty: The majority of vape makers make it clear that water damage voids the warranty. Trying to fix a water-damaged vape on your own could make things worse and void your warranty’s ability to replace or repair the item.

Precautionary Measures: Keeping Your Vape Dry

Precaution is the key to ensuring your vape remains in optimal condition. Here are some preventive measures to safeguard your device from water exposure:

  • Invest in Water-Resistant Vapes: If you plan to be in areas where exposure to water is likely, think about investing in vapes that are specifically made to withstand water. To reduce the possibility of water damage, these devices typically have extra seals and protective components installed. This prolongs their lives and enhances their performance in potentially moist environments.

can i put my vape in water to kill it

Invest in Water Resistant Vapes

  • Use Protective Cases: Employing cases tailored to your vape model offers an extra layer of protection against moisture. Crafted to envelop the device securely, these cases serve as a barrier resistant to moisture.
  • Avoid Vaping in Humid Conditions: Although certain vaporizers may be able to withstand mild rains on occasion, it is usually advised against vaping in high-humidity areas. There’s a chance that high humidity and flying water droplets will get into the interior parts of the gadget and cause moisture damage.

can i put my vape in water to kill it

Avoid Humidity Conditions

  • Store Vapes Properly: Keep your vape in a dry, cool place when not in use. Keep it out of damp places like bathrooms and think about storing it in a special vape case.
  • Be Mindful of Pockets: If you carry your vape in your pocket, be cautious of potential water exposure. Accidental spills or exposure to rain can occur, so consider using a sealed pocket or a protective case.

Now that we’ve explored the risks and preventive measures, let’s turn our attention to reliable vape products that can enhance your vaping experience. Here are some standout choices:


Iget, well-known for its innovative technology, focuses on flavour and convenience while making disposable vaporizers. These stylish devices are well-liked among enthusiasts since they provide a hassle-free vaping experience.

can i put my vape in water to kill it

Iget Innovative Vape


HQD is synonymous with sleek designs and reliable performance. Their range of vaping products caters to both beginners and experienced enthusiasts, ensuring a seamless transition into the world of vaping.


Renowned for its reliability, Waka brings a sense of dependability to the vaping scene. Their products combine innovation with style, providing users with a well-rounded and satisfying vaping experience.

Hug Mini

Compact’s brilliance defines the Hug Mini, a brand that prioritises both convenience and style. These pocket-friendly devices deliver on performance without compromising on aesthetics.

Can I Put my Vape in Water to Kill it? Examining the Dangers and Impacts

In conclusion, the question of whether ‘Can I put my vape in water to kill it?’ requires careful consideration of risks and consequences. Understanding the limitations of your device and adopting preventive measures can significantly mitigate the chances of water-related incidents. 
While accidents happen, vapers can enhance their experience by choosing high-quality, reliable products from reputable brands like Iget, HQD, Waka, and Hug Mini. By navigating the waters of vape care with mindfulness and informed choices, enthusiasts can enjoy a prolonged and satisfying vaping journey.

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