Cost of Vaping vs Smoking: Which Costs Less?

cost of vaping vs smoking

If you’re a smoker down under, you’ve probably pondered whether transitioning to vaping could be a cost-saving move. Vaping is cheaper than smoking. The average smoker will spend up to $30 a day. Let’s delve into just how much you could save by switching from the cost of vaping vs smoking perspective, shall we?

The comparison of costs between vaping and smoking goes beyond the upfront expenses. It entails considering the long-term financial implications, where vaping might emerge as the more cost-effective choice with its adaptable ongoing costs and potential health benefits.

A Puff by Puff Breakdown

When it comes to the perennial debate of vaping versus smoking, the tug-of-war often circles back to one pivotal factor: the cost of vaping vs smoking. Are those billowing clouds of vapour more budget-friendly than the wafting tendrils of smoke? Let’s break it down, puff by puff.

Comparative Expenses

In the land down under, where every penny counts, the cost of vaping versus smoking in Australia takes centre stage. Traditional cigarettes have a straightforward price tag, but their expense doesn’t stop there. It’s a relentless drip of costs – the packs, lighters, and health repercussions add up quicker than you can say ‘nicotine hit.’ 

On the flip side, vaping entails an initial investment in a device and e-liquids, followed by the periodic purchase of coils and juices. While this might seem pricier upfront, a closer look reveals a different tale.

Studies suggest that switching from smoking to vaping can be a financial game-changer. The cost breakdown tilts favourably towards vaping, especially in the long run, answering the question of is vaping cheaper than smoking with a resounding affirmative when considering long-term expenses.

Yes, vaping might demand an initial investment, but once you’re set up with a device that suits your fancy and a stash of e-liquids, the ongoing expenses are notably lower.

Cost of Vaping vs Smoking

cost of vaping vs smoking

Cigarettes with lighter and vaping devices on a table.

In the ongoing debate between vaping and smoking, a crucial factor often overlooked is the financial aspect. Let’s delve into the detailed breakdown of expenses to understand the true cost disparity between these habits.

Cost ComponentSmokingVaping
Initial PurchaseAUD 30 to AUD 40 (20 cigarettes)AUD 30 to AUD 100 (vaping device)
Ongoing Consumables– Varies with smoking frequency – Healthcare expenses– E-liquids: AUD 10 to AUD 30 per bottle – Coils: AUD 5 to AUD 10 per coil
TaxesSignificant taxesPotential lower taxes
Total Monthly CostAUD 900 per month (1 pack per day) Variable, potentially substantialAUD 30 to AUD 100 or more (vaping habits)
Long-term ImpactCumulative costs, healthcare expensesInitial device cost, manageable ongoing expenses

How Much Does Smoking Cost?

cost of vaping vs smoking

Smoking is more expensive than vape

In Australia, the cost of smoking extends far beyond the initial purchase of cigarettes. On average, a packet of 20 cigarettes can range from around AUD 30 to AUD 40. However, this expense is just the tip of the iceberg. The cumulative cost accrues swiftly as regular smokers consume multiple packets weekly or monthly, resulting in significant ongoing expenses.

Moreover, the financial impact of smoking in Australia isn’t limited to the direct purchase. It encompasses a broader financial spectrum, including increased healthcare expenses due to smoking-related health issues. These costs aren’t just personal and impact the healthcare system and society.

Additionally, taxes imposed on tobacco products in Australia contribute to the elevated cost of smoking. These taxes, aimed at discouraging smoking, further amplify the financial burden on smokers, making it an even costlier habit to maintain in the country.

How Much Does Vaping Cost?

cost of vaping vs smoking

Vape is more cost-effective than smoking in Australia

In Australia, the cost of vaping involves several components. Initially, the expense includes purchasing a vaping device, which can range from approximately AUD 30 to AUD 100 for basic starter kits, while more advanced models can cost upwards of AUD 100.

Additionally, e-liquids, an essential component in vaping, come in various sizes and flavours, typically priced between AUD 10 to AUD 30 per bottle, depending on the brand and quantity. The frequency of purchase varies based on individual vaping habits.

Coils, another essential part of vaping, are priced at around AUD 5 to AUD 10 per coil and need regular replacement, depending on usage frequency and device specifications.

Factoring in ongoing expenses for e-liquids and replacement coils, vaping in Australia could incur a monthly cost ranging from approximately AUD 30 to AUD 100 or more, depending on individual usage patterns and preferences.

It’s essential to note that even though the price of a vaping gadget might seem higher at first, the subsequent ongoing expenses generally tend to be more manageable compared to the continuous cost of purchasing cigarettes for smokers.

Financial Benefits of Switching to Vaping

cost of vaping vs smoking

Save money by switching form smoking to vaping

Switching from smoking to vaping isn’t just a shift in habits; it’s a potential game-changer for your finances, especially considering the cost of vaping vs smoking. Here’s a breakdown of the financial benefits of making this switch.

Long-Term Cost Savings

One of the most significant financial advantages of transitioning to vaping is the long-term savings it can bring. While the initial price in a vaping device and accessories might seem steep, the ongoing costs are considerably lower than maintaining a smoking habit. 

Once you’ve acquired your vaping kit, the expenses primarily revolve around e-liquids, coils, and occasional maintenance, which often prove more cost-effective than buying cigarettes regularly. Over time, these savings can accumulate, providing a noticeable difference in your expenditure.

Predictable Expenses

Vaping offers a level of predictability in expenses that smoking doesn’t. With cigarettes, the costs can vary unpredictably due to taxes, price fluctuations, and the number of cigarettes smoked daily.

In contrast, vaping involves more stable expenses once you establish your preferred setup. The price of e-liquids and replacement parts typically remains consistent, allowing for better budget planning and control over your spending, addressing the query of whether it is better to vape or smoke, particularly in terms of financial predictability and stability.

Customisation for Budget Control

Vaping also provides a level of customisation that can aid in controlling expenses. Users can pick from a wide range of devices, flavours, and nicotine strengths, and even control their vaping frequency. 

This level of personalisation allows individuals to adjust their vaping habits to align with their budget without compromising the experience. By selecting more economical options or regulating their usage, vapers can better manage their spending.

While the primary focus is on financial benefits, the potential health advantages of vaping over smoking can contribute indirectly to financial savings. Studies suggest that vaping is generally considered less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes. 

With potentially reduced health risks, individuals might experience fewer health-related expenses in the long run, such as lower medical bills and decreased absenteeism from work due to smoking-related health issues.

Conclusion: A Clear Financial Win for Vaping

In Australia, vaping is definitively more cost-effective than smoking. The analysis showcases a compelling argument for transitioning from smoking to vaping in the financial realm, particularly considering the cost of vaping vs smoking Australia.

Beyond finances, the potential health-related savings further bolster the case for vaping. Studies suggesting reduced health risks compared to smoking pave the way for potential long-term savings in medical bills and decreased absenteeism due to smoking-related health issues.Now you know the cost comparison between vaping and smoking. For those pursuing a more affordable vaping experience, Vaporoz stands out. With their range of products and budget-friendly vape options, they provide a pathway to a more economically feasible vaping journey.

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