Vape Starter Kit: Ignite Your Vaping Journey!

vape starter kit

Are you taking up vaping for the first time? A vape starter kit is the perfect way to ignite your new vaping journey. Vaping starter kits come with everything you need to start vaping right out of the box. They usually include a vape device, compatible pods or coils, a USB charging cable, and user manuals to get you up and running.

Choosing a suitable vape starter kit can seem overwhelming for beginners. With so many options on the market, how do you decide which is the best vape starter kit for your needs? 

Don’t worry; we’ve done the research for you and compiled this handy guide on the top vape starter kits to consider as a vaping newbie.

Why Use a Vape Starter Kit?

vape starter kit
Stop smoking just vape.

Vape starter kits offer several benefits that make them ideal for new vapers:

  • Convenience – Vape starter kits provide everything you need in one bundled package. There is no need to purchase separate devices, pods, coils, batteries, chargers, etc. Saves you time and hassle.
  • Cost Savings – Buying a vape starter kit bundle is cheaper than purchasing individual components separately. Starter kits provide great value.
  • Beginner-Friendly – Starter kits often come with simple, easy-to-use devices. Great for getting to grips with vaping. Some include manuals, too.
  • Variety – With different types of starter kits available, you can find one suited for your needs as a beginner vaper.
  • Try Before You Buy – Start with an affordable starter kit, then you can upgrade later once you determine your vaping preferences.

Types of Vape Starter Kits

There are a few main types of vape starter kit options, and choosing the vape starter kit best suited to your needs is the key to a great vaping experience.

  1. Pod Vape Starter Kits
  2. Vape Pen Starter Kits
  3. Box Mod Kits
  4. Disposables

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Pod Vape Starter Kits

Pod vape starter kits are one of the most popular options for new vapers. Pod devices are lightweight, compact, and easy to use. Pod kits include a rechargeable battery device and pre-filled pods in various nicotine strengths and flavours. Convenient and mess-free.

Great for beginners looking for a fuss-free, user-friendly vaping experience. The IGET Bar Plus Starter Kit comes with 1x IGET Bar Plus device, 2x IGET Bar Plus pods (5% Salt Nicotine) and a USB cable. Sleek, stylish, and simple to use.

Vape Pen Starter Kits

Starter vape pen kits, including an entry-level vape pen device and either disposable pre-filled cartridges or a tank/coils system, offer more customisable options compared to pods. They allow you to change e-juice flavours and experiment more as a beginner.

The WAKA Somatch Starter Kit from Vaporoz provides excellent value for new vapers, with a sturdy and slim WAKA device, 2x WAKA Somatch disposable pods (5% nicotine), and a USB charger cable. 6000 satisfying puffs per pod!

Box Mod Kits

Box mod starter kits feature more advanced, customisable box-shaped devices. They allow you to adjust power, temperature, and other settings to customise your vaping experience. Helpful in transitioning from beginner to intermediate vaping. It may be too complex for complete newbies.


Disposable vape starter kits include a non-rechargeable, pre-filled vape device designed for one-time use. Extremely easy and convenient to use. Throw away once the battery or e-liquid runs out—the perfect way to sample vaping and flavours before committing to a system.

Vaporoz has disposable all-in-one vape pens like the IGET Bar and HQD pre-charged and filled with nicotine salt e-liquid to start vaping instantly.

What to Look for in a Vape Starter Kit

vape starter kit

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Here are some important factors to consider when choosing the best vape starter kit for your needs:

  • Type of Device – Pick a device type (pod, vape pen, mod, etc.) that aligns with your needs and vaping style as a beginner. Are you looking for compact portability or maximum customisation?
  • Ease of Use – Look for simple, intuitive designs if you’re new to vaping. Pod systems and AIO (all-in-one) vape pens tend to be the most beginner-friendly.
  • Battery Life – Longer battery life means less frequent charging. Aim for at least 400mAh capacity for starter devices.
  • Pod/Coil Options – Having a choice of pod or coil resistances and e-liquid flavours will allow you to experiment and find your preference.
  • Nicotine Strength – Most kits offer adjustable nicotine levels. Start low with 3-5% to avoid unpleasant side effects as you transition from smoking.
  • Charging Method – Does the kit include a USB charging cable? Make sure it uses a standard connection that is convenient for you.
  • Number of Pods/Coils – Stock up on extra pods/coils to have replacements ready.
  • Price – Look for affordable vape starter kit prices to trial vaping. You can always upgrade later. Disposable kits are the cheapest option to start.
  • Warranty – A more extended warranty offers peace of mind. 6 months to 1 year is typical for quality vape kits.

The Best Vape Starter Kits in Australia

Based on the criteria above, here are our top picks for the best vape starter kits available in Australia right now:

IGET Bar Plus Starter Kit

  • Sleek, ultra-portable pod system
  • Pre-filled pods for mess-free vaping
  • 400mAh battery capacity
  • Draw activated firing
  • 5% (50mg) nicotine salt pod options
  • Includes 1x device, 2x pods, USB cable

WAKA Somatch Starter Kit

  • User-friendly slim vape pen design
  • Pre-filled disposable pods
  • 650mAh battery for lasting vape sessions
  • Attach the pod and start vaping
  • 5% (50mg) nicotine salt strength
  • Includes 1x WAKA device, 2x pods, USB cable

IGET Goat Disposable Vape Pen 1600 Puffs

  • Affordable disposable all-in-one vape pen
  • 8 flavour options, including Blue Razz, Peach Ice, Strawberry
  • 30mg (3%) nicotine salt
  • 1600 puffs per pen
  • Pre-charged 350mAh battery
  • Ready to vape out of the pack

RELX Starter Kit

  • Leading pod system brand
  • Proprietary RELX pod system
  • 350mAh rechargeable battery
  • Pre-filled with nic salt e-liquid
  • Multiple flavours and nic levels (up to 5%)
  • Includes 1x RELX device, 2x pods, USB cable

VOCO Plus Disposable Vape

  • Eye-catching design with lanyard
  • 5% (50mg) nicotine salt strength
  • 2500 puffs per device
  • 29 unique flavours like Pink Lemonade, Peach Tea, Coffee
  • 350mAh battery
  • Ready to vape out of the box

Conclusion: Your Perfect Vaping Kickstart

Starting your vaping journey with a vape starter kit is the way to go. These kits offer convenience, cost savings, and beginner-friendliness. With options like pod kits, vape pens, box mods, and disposables, you can tailor your experience.Remember to check out Vaporoz for a wide range of vape starter kits and take the first step towards your new and exciting experience. Ignite your journey with the perfect vape starter kit and discover the world of vaping with ease and style.

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